Developed new music, arts and creativity services

Developed innovative Songwriting Workshops, Singalong Workshops, Creativity Coaching service and custom songwriting/composition/writing services, most using Appreciative Inquiry to foster collaborative creativity.
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Relaunched, adding services including composition, lyric-writing, musical arrangements and production, as well as writing and directing for motion pictures and theatre.

Founder, Principal, Webmaster; Potluck Creative Arts

Potluck Creative Arts, Red Hook, NY

  • Promoting my activities as a musician, songwriter, composer, lyricist, arranger, music producer, pianist/keyboardist, music/arts/creativity educator/facilitator and writer/director for motion pictures and theatre.
  • Services offered include Songwriting Workshops; Singalong Workshops; Custom Songs; Custom Instrumentals; Custom Writing; Creativity Coaching; Music Lessons; Piano/Keyboard Performance; Musical Arrangements and Production; Directing for Motion Pictures and Theatre.
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Visit Potluck Creative Arts.

Founder, Principal, Webmaster; Potluck Arts

  • Created this business to promote my arts performances and educational efforts, including concerts, singalongs and music lessons.
  • Webmaster for, using custom HTML programming.