Songwriter, Producer, Instrumentalist, Arranger, Engineer; Everybody’s Invited

43 minutes, stereo, CD and MP3. Debut album from The Offhand Band, released by Potluck Creative Arts.
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  • Launched, using WordPress publishing platform and customized programming with PHP, HTML and plugins.
  • Launched multiple podcasts, plus Resources section to help visitors learn about creativity and how to express themselves through their own lives.

Developed new music, arts and creativity services

Developed innovative Songwriting Workshops, Singalong Workshops, Creativity Coaching service and custom songwriting/composition/writing services, most using Appreciative Inquiry to foster collaborative creativity.
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Founder, Editor; Potluck Creative Arts’ YouTube Channel

Founded this YouTube channel to present original content via Potluck, Potluck Creative Arts and other sites.
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Relaunched, adding services including composition, lyric-writing, musical arrangements and production, as well as writing and directing for motion pictures and theatre.

Founder, Principal, Webmaster; Potluck Creative Arts

Potluck Creative Arts, Red Hook, NY

  • Promoting my activities as a musician, songwriter, composer, lyricist, arranger, music producer, pianist/keyboardist, music/arts/creativity educator/facilitator and writer/director for motion pictures and theatre.
  • Services offered include Songwriting Workshops; Singalong Workshops; Custom Songs; Custom Instrumentals; Custom Writing; Creativity Coaching; Music Lessons; Piano/Keyboard Performance; Musical Arrangements and Production; Directing for Motion Pictures and Theatre.
  • Webmaster for

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Founder, Principal, Webmaster; Potluck Arts

  • Created this business to promote my arts performances and educational efforts, including concerts, singalongs and music lessons.
  • Webmaster for, using custom HTML programming.