Accompanist, The Mop & Bucket Company

Provide improvised piano/keyboard accompaniment for improvised theatre/comedy performances.
Musical contributions range from background scoring and scene changes to collaborative improvised songs with actors/singers, including full-length improvised musicals in the long-form Spontaneous Broadway format.
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The Mop & Bucket Company

Songwriter, Producer, Instrumentalist, Arranger, Engineer; Everybody’s Invited

43 minutes, stereo, CD and MP3. Debut album from The Offhand Band, released by Potluck Creative Arts.
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Founder, Webmaster; The Offhand Band

  • Founded this music act to create satisfying songs that are cool for kids, fun for families and great for the grown on their own.
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Developed new music, arts and creativity services

Developed innovative Songwriting Workshops, Singalong Workshops, Creativity Coaching service and custom songwriting/composition/writing services, most using Appreciative Inquiry to foster collaborative creativity.
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Relaunched, adding services including composition, lyric-writing, musical arrangements and production, as well as writing and directing for motion pictures and theatre.

Founder, Principal, Webmaster; Potluck Creative Arts

Potluck Creative Arts, Red Hook, NY

  • Promoting my activities as a musician, songwriter, composer, lyricist, arranger, music producer, pianist/keyboardist, music/arts/creativity educator/facilitator and writer/director for motion pictures and theatre.
  • Services offered include Songwriting Workshops; Singalong Workshops; Custom Songs; Custom Instrumentals; Custom Writing; Creativity Coaching; Music Lessons; Piano/Keyboard Performance; Musical Arrangements and Production; Directing for Motion Pictures and Theatre.
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Multiple honors, 11th Annual Billboard Magazine Songwriting Contest

  • The Fall of the Roxy Usher, Music and Lyrics by Mark S. Meritt: Honorable Mention certificate and Top 500 prize.
  • Someone Duplicated the Key to My Heart, Music and Lyrics by Mark S. Meritt: Honorable Mention certificate and Top 500 prize.
  • Falling into the Sun; Music by Mark S. Meritt, Lyrics by Richard Hack and Mark S. Meritt: Honorable Mention certificate.

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Pianist, Lara Spencer’s wedding dance, Good Morning America

I was invited to provide live, original accompaniment for Lara Spencer and her dance instructor as part of her series documenting the planning of her wedding.
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Good Morning America

Co-Creator, Composer; The Unexplainable Bonefish

A proposed television series in which host Dr. Wiley Bonefish and a crew of puppet lab assistants would humorously help kids explore paranormal science using the scientific method.
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Composer, Co-Lyricist, Co-Librettist; The Right Circles

  • Scheming Broadway writers make fun of avant garde theatre, but what goes around comes around.
  • Represented by the Farber Literary Agency, New York, NY, 1994-1996.

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Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound, Composer; Gratuitous Violence

  • A spoof of Hollywood spy movies.
  • Created for Introduction to Filmmaking class, Department of Theatre Arts, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.
  • Premiere screening in the Willard Strait Theatre, Willard Strait Hall, May 10, 1992.
  • 17 minutes, b/w, 16mm.

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Cornell University
Department of Theatre, Film and Dance

Composer, Co-Lyricist, Co-Librettist, Orchestrator, Director, Musical Director; Cupid’s Arrow

  • A hip immortal helps college students find love.
  • Produced by the Masque and Mime Society, Roy C. Ketcham High School, Wappingers Falls, NY.

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Masque and Mime Society
Roy C. Ketcham High School