Songwriter, Producer, Instrumentalist, Arranger, Engineer; Everybody’s Invited

43 minutes, stereo, CD and MP3. Debut album from The Offhand Band, released by Potluck Creative Arts.
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Founder, Webmaster; The Offhand Band

  • Founded this music act to create satisfying songs that are cool for kids, fun for families and great for the grown on their own.
  • Webmaster for

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Co-Presenter; Emergent Associates, LLC: Trailblazing Tribalizing

  • Invited presentation describing how Emergent Associates’ approach can foster a positive change revolution rooted in human-scale social structures. Co-presented by Dr. Howard Ditkoff.
  • IshCon Spring 2005, Quaker Hill Conference Center, Richmond, IN, May 27-30, 2005.

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Emergent Associates, LLC

Co-Founder, Research and Development Advisor; Emergent Associates, LLC

Emergent Associates, LLC, Oak Park, MI

  • Co-founded this coaching, consulting and training company which uses Appreciative Inquiry and positive psychology as a framework for integrating best practices and knowledge from organizational development, developmental/evolutionary psychology and systems-related disciplines to create practical tools which mutually foster empowerment and community for individuals and groups.
  • Co-created proprietary rapid coaching techniques, integrating AI and developmental psychology and able to produce “eureka” results in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Co-developer of a set of proprietary communication tools to foster positive change, informed by AI along with several established effective communication techniques, relationship models and personality typologies.
  • Co-created a dynamic model of psychological development informed by complexity science, positive psychology, personality typologies and several universal models of human development.

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Emergent Associates, LLC

Business Consultant

Business consulting specializing in Microsoft Excel, creation of databases and other information management tools, project management, data analysis, forecasting, quality control, research, and both technical and academic writing.
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Cornell University

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

  • BA, Theatre Arts; minor in Communication; graduated with Distinction in All Subjects, May 24, 1992.
  • GPA 3.80.
  • College of Arts and Sciences, August 1990-May 1992.
  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, August 1988-May 1990.

Cornell University
Department of Theatre, Film and Dance
Department of Communication
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences