The arts are not the only area in which I put my talent and knowledge to work. With my unique background and skills, I also use my creativity to innovate in business and academia as well.

Combining a wide pool of knowledge across countless disciplines with research skills that empower new learning, I can analyze a situation and make connections to generate novel possibilities for meeting a challenge. Informed by an understanding of general systems principles and positive change processes, I can identify compelling, high-leverage options and develop a plan for implementation.

I also have strong skills with Microsoft Excel, creation of databases and other information management tools, project management, data analysis, forecasting, quality control, research, and both technical and academic writing. If your action plan requires any of these activities, I can continue to help.

From financial or other numerical analyses that require actionable conclusions, to research that has to make sense of disparate ideas, to tools or systems for efficiently managing complex processes — whenever you are looking for understanding and efficiency, I have skills that can help.

Contact me to discuss your needs.