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The Offhand Band

Potluck Creative Arts' YouTube ChannelThe Offhand Band makes satisfying songs that are cool for kids, fun for families and great for the grown on their own. And with lyrics hosed with humor, packed with positivity and reveling in reality, you’ll find yourself singing and dancing your way toward making good things happen. I’m the songwriter/instrumentalist/producer/etc. for this endeavor, whose debut album is Everyone’s Invited.


Potluck is “A Smorgasbord of Systemic Succulence, Dynamic Delicacies and Miscellaneous Munchies.” Here, you’ll find original works, including many that explore familiar topics from a systems perspective.

Artworks include songs, instrumentals, musicals, screenplays, motion pictures and more. For a sampling, check out selected works.

Non-fiction writings include essays, research papers and more.

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Potluck Creative Arts’ YouTube Channel

The Potluck Creative Arts' YouTube ChannelPotluck Creative Arts’ YouTube Channel presents videos of many original works from both Potluck and Potluck Creative Arts.