Welcome to MarkSMeritt.com

Welcome to MarkSMeritt.com, an interactive bio and central hub for all things me.

When I first put up the site in November 2007, I’d intended for it to serve simply as a place for people to link to my other sites and a blog for miscellaneous things I might want to write about that didn’t fit in better somewhere else.

Over time, I realized that I’d prefer to keep original content elsewhere and use this site as a comprehensive repository of biographical info and as a central hub for my online life.

So, now, that’s what it will be. The first batch of bio material will be published shortly, followed later on by more, gradually fleshing out my past — and filling in my future as it becomes the present.

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Author; Lost, Found: An Ongoing Look at the Meaning of a Landmark Television Series

Launched this blog at Potluck, covering the television series Lost episode by episode from a systems perspective.
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