My Debut Album Is Out!

At long last, I’ve made my first album, and it’s now available on both CD and MP3. It’s called Everyone’s Invited, and it’s by The Offhand Band, which is really me along with friends who join in. For this album, it’s Dianne Mucci, a fantastic and versatile singer.

The OHB is all about making satisfying songs that are cool for kids, fun for families and great for the grown on their own. Hopping across pop, rock and other styles, they’re full of humor, positivity and reality for everyone to enjoy and make good things happen. If you’re interested in positive change, personal development, naturally effective ways of learning and parenting, or just plain old fun songs for all ages to enjoy together, there’s lots to like on Everyone’s Invited.

Here are three special offers for you to check out the album:

  1. Listen to the whole album for free in the sidebar of any page at the OHB’s website.
  2. Get a free MP3 when you subscribe to the OHB’s mailing list, also in the sidebar of any page at the OHB’s website.
  3. Special holiday pricing through year-end on both the CD and MP3 versions.

When you subscribe to the mailing list, we’ll be able to keep you up to date on all sorts of new developments we’ve got planned for the band and the site, including new music, opportunities for fan participation, special offers and much more.

Tell your friends… tell your enemies… tell everyone… because whatever your shape or size, happy or sad, hopeful or mad, the OHB is having a party, and Everyone’s Invited!

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Over time, I realized that I’d prefer to keep original content elsewhere and use this site as a comprehensive repository of biographical info and as a central hub for my online life.

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