Welcome to MarkSMeritt.com, an interactive bio and central hub for all things me.

Here, you’ll find info on and links to my current projects and pursuits, as well as biographical material that’s interactive in two ways:

  • Every piece is cross-referenced with tags and links to allow the material to interact within itself, making all sorts of connections that might not otherwise be apparent.
  • These connections allow you interact with the information, choosing what aspects of my background you want to learn about, traversing your way from one to another based on what you find interesting and relevant.

In a way, this site is like a resume, a portfolio, a curriculum vitae, a bio — but on software steroids, and putting in your hands the freedom of how to read it.

A hub for the various spokes of the wheel that is me and my online identity, you’ll be able to find out about the best of me — and the rest of me. View the mosaic at whatever level of detail you like, zoom in and out, go straight or sideways or zig-zag. It’s up to you.

Then, take advantage of the many opportunities to go off to other places to watch or listen or read or learn more about original content, services I provide, and other things I’ve been involved with.

Thanks for visiting.