Songs By You
Write original songs — even if you’ve never written a song before — even if you’ve never played a musical instrument before – in about the time it takes to watch a movie, no matter where you are in the world. Visit to learn more!
Simply Music
Master Simply Music Teacher Mark S. Meritt — New York’s most experienced teacher of this method. Piano lessons in person and live online via videoconference using the revolutionary Simply Music method.
Play with Simply Music
Convenient and affordable short-term Beginner Piano Workshops, including Play with Simply Music, an online self-study intro to Simply Music presented by Master Teachers Mark S. Meritt & Robin Keehn!
Pop-Up Piano Bar
Sing along to your requests and even do live piano-accompanied karaoke. At a club or your own private party/event, it’s tons of fun for everyone! Visit Pop-Up Piano Bar to learn more!
I’m the Musical Director of the Mopco Improv Theatre, the premier improv comedy destination in New York State’s Capital Region. In addition to musical direction for shows, Mark teaches Mopco’s classes on improvised singing. He is available to improvise and teach for you as well.
Potluck Creative Arts
Potluck Creative Arts
is the business through which I offer a variety of unique music, arts and creativity services that seek to entertain, enlighten and inspire by fostering creativity and self-expression. In addition to the flagship offerings above, I also offer Custom Songs, Custom Instrumentals, Custom Writing, Creativity Coaching and more.
Business and Academic Consulting
I provide consulting services for businesses, academia and other organizations, specializing in Microsoft Excel, creation of databases and other information management tools, project management, data analysis, forecasting, quality control, research, and both technical and academic writing.