Frequently Asked Questions

Is your complete biography / resume / portfolio / curriculum vitae here?

My interactive biography is a work in progress. As of September 2008, it contains only highlights from my various areas of experience. More to come later, after I get farther along with some other pursuits…!

Will it ever be complete?

As long as I keep doing new things, it can never be complete! More to the point is whether I’ll ever get caught up with my past activities. At some point, I’m likely to stop adding past items, but I’m not likely to ever add everything. Like any resume, portfolio, curriculum vitae or biography, there’s some selectivity about what goes in.

Where are your current projects and pursuits?

The easiest way to see ongoing projects and pursuits in which I’m still involved is via the tag archive or the Timeline page. For technical reasons, most other views can’t yet take into account the end dates of any activities, so they sort everything by start date, placing my current activities wherever in the past they might have started.

How representative is the tag cloud of your overall experience?

Hard to tell! Certain items that I spent a lot of time on my have few posts, leaving certain tags infrequent and so pretty small in the tag cloud, while several other items I may not have spent much time on may share a tag, making that tag larger in the cloud. In terms of how important different aspects of my background may be, think of the tag cloud as suggestive, not authoritative.

Why isn’t everything you’ve posted at Potluck included here, and vice versa?

The depth and breadth are large at both sites, but I don’t intend for either site to be a true lifestream, including every last little bit of my experience in excruciating detail. There are many songs, compositions, essays, papers and more that I thought good enough to share with others but not significant enough to mark as milestones in my biography. Likewise, there are other items I thought important as background information but either not worth publishing or not possible to publish. Even though there is certainly lots of overlap, the two sites have different goals. You can see the overlap by looking at the tag archive.

Can you tell me more about what went into making your interactive bio?

I sure can. See My Life in Tags: Creating an Interactive Resume and Biographical Website at Potluck for lots of information on the advantages, caveats, and details on how to create an interactive biographical website like this one.